My Brain Cancer Diet - You Are What You Eat

My Husband Matt catching us Food!My Husband Matt catching us Food!

When I was diagnosed with the GBM brain tumor in June 2000, my diet behavior was not healthy. Working hard as a busy mommy and wildlife biologist, our family’s diet had been centered on what was quick - frozen meals and fast foods - all filled with additives and preservatives. Not many fresh veggies and fruits, but more simple carbohydrates and junk foods.

When I was told I had “terminal” cancer, I was determined to change my daily diet and start eating healthy. I wanted to survive! I started taking seriously the saying, “You are what you eat!”

I bought every book I could find about healthy nutrition diets to win the battle with cancer. What to eat. What not to eat. I tried to be as strict as I could on eating with a healthy routine.

I started eating organic, cutting out foods with MSG, sodium nitrates, additives and preservatives. I started eating lots of veggies and fruits. I cut back on beef protein and started eating mostly Alaskan salmon, free ranged chicken, and wild elk, deer, duck, goose and trout my husband hunted and fished for. Dropped out the white breads/potatoes/rice, and started eating whole grain foods. I cut back on eating sugary sweets and foods, with high glycemic index.

The change in my diet made me feel healthy and whole.

In 2004 when my GBM came back, I started working with Dr. Jeanne M. Wallace, PhD, CNC; a great nutritionist. Following the Report she sent me with Guidance for a Cancer-Fighting Diet. Focusing on avoiding harmful food chemicals and eating only organic. Eating more veggies and fruits that are known to fight cancer, like berries, carotene rich foods, cruciferous veggies, flax seeds and oils, green tea, mushrooms, etc. Eating more of the good omega 3 fats and less of the others. Balancing my blood sugar and insulin levels, by not eating sugars and simple carbohydrates.

Not that I am perfect at eating the best everyday. I may eat birthday cake at a party, or eat non-organic foods at a friends house or restaurant, or a eat a white dinner roll on Thanksgiving, or a bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day. I’m not perfect at it. But I do try to eat all organic and very healthy MOST of the time.

There are many internet web pages and books out there that cover the standards, what to eat and not eat while fighting cancer.